Failure isn’t fatal.


Mile 52 – Leadville 100 Run.

Most people are afraid to take a chance.  Some people are afraid to fail, to look bad in the eyes of others, or to confirm a self doubt that may have been forever in their minds.    It doesn’t necessarily have to be running or fitness related, it can be life related.  Afraid to take a new job, afraid of a new relationship, afraid of failing.  Some people are terrified of change, driven away by the unknown and paralyzed in a state of existence.  Some people say existing is good, but why exist if you aren’t moving forward. Existing is FAILURE!  This is what separates winners from losers, not defined by the accomplishment of being exceptional, but defined by the passion and effort put into something to try something most people wouldn’t.  I’ll never be Scott Jurek, I am not that physically gifted.  I’ll never be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, I’m not that smart.  But what I will be is someone who tries and takes chances. Win or lose, finish or fall short, but miles ahead of those who are just existing.

Some people say that the distance between who you are, and who you can be is 100 miles. They say that when you are pushed to the absolute limit; vomiting as you run, crawling when you can’t walk, talking to people who are just a hallucination, that you truly find out who you are.  With a limit so high, fear is the reason some never find out who they can be.  But deep inside I have to know, I have to run the Leadville 100.


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