Welcome to the Llamarama!

DSCF1047“Down each path there’s a choice, a choice to succumb to fear or to break free. Believe in  yourself or believe in the cynics around you.  Fail because you are afraid to try, or dig deep and fight to stand on top of a mountain looking out at the opportunity life can bring.  The choice is yours, but I stand on that mountain.  I am free.”

I’d like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit my new Blog!  I love running, fitness, good food and cameras.  I love sharing experiences with friends both new and old.  I love to write, to make pictures come alive as if you could feel the mountain wind howling from above treeline.  I love the compassion shared between athletes in their darkest hour.  I love this community!  So I decided to take a chance and put myself out there.  I bought this website to share fitness, nutrition/food, product reviews, personal endeavors, current events and hopefully some good laughs between friends.  My VLOG camera came in the mail today, portable, small and with killer hd video!  I wasn’t planning on launching till next week, but I was too excited to wait 🙂  Without further ado…. WELCOME TO THE LLAMA RAMA!


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